Oil of Spike Lavender was used Spike Oilby Leonardo, Rubens, and Dürer, as well as the 19th century masters. The Netherlands painters used it to enrich colors and clarity. Our 100% pure and natural spike lavender is imported from southern France.

Increases the flow of the brush

A true Biobased Art material – sustainable and renewable

Excellent for glazing and fine detail work

Gives enhanced clarity to the paint

Has a rich historical tradition of use in painting


Water Washed Gel is unique among the various mediums available to the oil painter. It is made from water-washed walnut oil and a form of liquified silica that is extremely clear. The cold pressed walnut oil we use yellows far less than linseed oil, and yet it dries with a very strong film. Read about it HERE.


It is common for art materials makers, including The Art Treehouse, to have references starting with materials – rather than artistic purposes. As one art teacher noted: I teach and that is the way most of my students phrase their questions. First, they know what they want to do. Then, they buy the products. To address this issue, we have created a list of “I want to…” topics and offer them here in a downloadable format for easy printing. Please let us know if there is something we should add to the list!


True Balsam, “unequaled in clarity”!
Canada Balsam - The Art Treehouse
Canada Balsam is used in oil painting, and even as a cement for optical lenses.  It enhances colors and permanence, and since it does not crystallize with age its optical properties do not deteriorate. Our Canada Balsam is pure, direct from the fir tree.  Read more HERE!


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