Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked frequently….

CANADIAN CUSTOMS, FEES, & DUTIES: Canada may add customs, duties and fees when your package arrives. This is completely beyond our control, but we try to let you know about it. The amount supposedly varies, depending on who you get for a customs agent. Some Canadian customers ask us to ship to a UPS store near the border because they can save duties and fees. They drive over the border to get the package, and then drive back home.  Oil of Spike Lavender must be shipped ground (air transport regulations), and the US Postal service does not ship ground to Canada.  That is why we must use Fedex.  Please keep in mind that Fedex charges are only for shipping (which you pay when you order), not for Canadian duties and fees.

RINSING & CLEANING BRUSHES:  Oil of Spike Lavender will clean brushes,  but it is super expensive to use for that purpose.  It’s like starting a camp fire with $10 bills!   Either BioBased Artist Thinner or Coconut Brush Oil will work fine for rinsing brushes before the soap and water.  Biobased Artist Thinner can be used between colours as a rinse while you paint – Coconut Brush Oil cannot.  However, Coconut Brush Oil conditions the brushes and preserves them over an extended period of time.

USPS or FEDEX:  When you checkout with your order, you have the choice to use either USPS or Fedex, and both have a low flat rate charge.  However, one shipping service may sometimes be better than the other, depending on circumstances.  For example, Fedex will not deliver to PO boxes.  One shipper can be faster than the other –  for example any Fedex order shipped after 6:00 PM CST will not actually start moving in the system until Monday night.  In contrast, a package shipped Saturday afternoon by USPS is in the system and on the way by Monday.  Fedex is generally better in handling larger packages (above 4 lbs), and USPS is generally better at handling smaller packages. We ship by either service, so you can choose your preference.

CREDIT CARD PROBLEMS:  Sometimes you might have problems with the credit card payment.  There are actually two ways to pay by credit card.  If you select the first payment method and it did not work, then try the second method.  The first method uses a processor called Stripe, and the second uses Paypal.  Paypal will take credit cards and also Paypal payments.  If one method doesn’t work, try the other.  This will usually solve the problem.