Transparency of Pigments

Pigment Transparency

Not all pigments are alike.  Knowing which ones are opaque and which ones are transparent will help greatly with an artist’s technique.  Plein air painters may lean towards opaque, portrait artists may use more transparents. These are just generalities, because the other ingredients such as oil, calcium carbonate, etc have an effect on the paint.  Even titanium white can be made less opaque. 



Alizarin Crimson

Rubine Red

Prussian Blue

Synthetic Earths

Phthalo Green & Blue

Sap Green

Green Earth

Synth Indian Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Zinc White

Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber

Hansa Yellow


Titanium White!

English Red

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow

Naples Yellow

Chromium Green

Cerulean Blue

Mars Black