There are many great artists who send us photos of their work in progress.  Seeing what other artists are creating can offer insights and ideas – ways to use the paints, mediums, and various tools. To that end, we offer the recent images artists have sent us  “ON THE EASEL”.

Ezra Suko

Ezra created this stunning image using Oil of Spike Lavender and William F. Martin’s Painting Medium.

“The Light of Liberty” 30×24, Oil on Canvas

Alex Kolesar

Latest work…..

Bill Martin –
Latest Work…..

Bill does most of his work with Art Treehouse paints, and Water-Washed Linseed Oil, Water-Washed Walnut Oil, and Oil of Spike Lavender. “There Lives a Cow” was juried and sold at the same show.

Forest Primeval
Drop Off – 16” x 20” oil on RayMar Canvas Panel
There Lives a Cow 16” x 20” oil on RayMar Canvas Panel

Beth Sloat – Winter White

Oil on Canvas 24″ x 36″

Lynn Jaye – Sunrise in Paradise

Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48”


Still Life – Jack Tenney

This is a still life oil painting of a pear and grapes. It is 9×12 stretched canvas. I used the Art Treehouse sample olive green in it. I hope you like.


The Butterfly – Kim Ward

The butterfly takes a very long journey and overcomes many things along the way to give those of us who see it joy. It always returns each year to do that. I, as an artist, have overcome many things so I can give other people joy through my art.


Beholding What Becomes – Kathryn Noska

Beholding What Becomes
6” x 6”

I work completely solvent-free due to having multiple chemical sensitivity, and am only able to use the Art Treehouse paints.  I am so appreciative!In this painting, I used Benzi Orange in the fox. Quinacridone Magenta and Ultra Violet in the butterfly, and Buff Titanium buff mixed with Yellow Ochre and Ultra Violet for the “wall”.  I work with very thin layers of paint, only adding a little extra water-washed walnut oil as needed.  I also use very tiny brushes… that fox is approx. 2.5”.  
My website: kathrynenoska.com


Sublime Sunset – Lynn Jaye

Sublime Sunset
Oil on canvas
36” x 48”
I use oil paint mixed with walnut oil to produce thin glazes and build up layers gradually.


Oranges and Grapes – Jack Tenney

Here is jack’s description: “It’s a still life “oranges and grapes” using medium similar to that described by another artist on your site, minus the linseed oil plus your medium mix with more of the lavender and walnut oil added and a little  extra balsam. Its 8×10 canvas panel. And the first of a series of still life lessons from Daniel Edmondson. He has two more still life lesson series I plan on taking mounting to about thirty paintings that we are free to sell. This one is available and is mostly dry. Did it last weekend. Also most all colors came from art treehouse except the olive green and permanent violet medium from Rembrandt. Used the benzi orange in it as well. Enjoy.  Jack


Steven McDowell – Peaks 1, 2, 3, 4
Treehouse White 
Buff Titanium
Hansa Yellow
Hansa Deep
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Venice Red
Rubine Red
Ultramarine Violet
Ultramarine Blue
Raw Umber
Viridian by M. Graham (you didn’t offer a viridian at the time I purchased my paints from you) I used the Balsam Spike Varnish as medium and have thrown out all usage of OMS for anything and replaced it with your Biodegradable Thinner. My process is pretty standard, back to front, dark to light, thinner in the lay-in, thicker later, thinner in the shadows and thicker in the lighter areas. I’m mostly self taught so I’m flying by the seat of my pants mostly. I want to thank you also for all of the free information you provide on your website. It was very helpful and informative. It amazes me that very successful, famous artists use OMS as a medium when they paint. Even though they may only use a very small amount in their paint it is nonetheless incompatible with the binding oil and breaks it down. Using oil of spike lavender is a much more acceptable choice, totally compatible and completely non toxic. Perfect! Smells nice too!! 


Varya Witlin – The Eye of Irma

THE EYE OF IRMA was painted in the calm after the storm. It is a testament to our courage, our neighborliness in a crisis and a bow to the terrifying magnificence of the natural World. I am chemically sensitive and react to all aromatics. I will make a small painting and then enlarge it in a giclee print. The print requires touching up, but overall, this method reduces the time and amount of walnut oil odor to which I am exposed. It has been a joy to discover these gorgeous, much less toxic oil paints.




This is the newest painting by Jack Tenney! He used the new Benzi Orange. Its on an 8×10 canvas panel. Great contrast!
Jack Tenney uses Benzi orange


This is a photo of Kim’s newest painting.  She has completed the details in the azalea path.  The painting is 24 x 32.  The dog is her own rescue beagle.

Kim Ward's October Image


Mark uses a medium comprised of Oil of Spike Lavender, Walnut Oil, and resin. His technique allows him to create many layers of paint superimposed on each other. Mark is reclaiming an early Renaissance technique pioneered by Leonardo da Vinci. His work is in the Vatican, and he has done commissioned paintings for several US presidents. 



Bill uses the same “Progressive Focus Method” for animal portraits that he uses when painting human portraits (no preliminary drawing—directly to canvas with paint).  He is also finding Buff Titanium to be extraordinarily useful.  He plans to include it as part of his palette from now on, for most subjects.




Mark patnode wanted to share some news! His new book…

Cultivating Illuminations: Paintings by Mark Patnode

…is now available at: https://www.amazon.com/Cultivating-Illuminations-Paintings-Mark-Patnode/…

Check out the great images!




The second photo is of Mark with his grandson, building a treehouse!

Mark Patnode's New Book






My newest oil painting 16 x 20


Now on to the next in my 

“Color my World” Series 

That’s your yellow and partly your white 

Your Vandyke brown 
And your brushes,oil, and paint thinner.
Color Me Yellow


16” x 20” oil on RayMar Canvas Panel

Buff Titanium: It seems to be working well.  I am able to “take the edge off” my Ultramarine Blue, while lightening it.  It seems to bridge the “gap” between the stark White of Titanium, and the hue that needs to be lightened.



My newest oil in my color series 
I'm using your whites and the Buff Titanium and Treehouse White for the gallery wrap 
It's perfect!
8 x 10. 
I think it's worth it 


Kim Ward Oil Painting



Jack loves to work on landscapes, with a particular focus on color mixing. This is an 8×8 inch painting. Its of the smokies. And the sides of the canvas are painted for a floater frame.

Jack Tenney On the Easel
I just finished this one. I did all
Beach themes with my watercolors. I thought I would try one in oils 
This one is 8 x 14. 
I love your brushes 
Beach Theme