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Water Washed Gel is unique among the various mediums available to the oil painter.  It is made from water-washed walnut oil and a form of Colloidal Silica that is extremely clear.  The walnut oil we use yellows far less than linseed oil, and yet it dries with a very strong film.  Washing the walnut oil adds body and transparency, enhances the brush strokes, and enhances the drying speed of the paint.  Water Washed Gel can be added directly to paint out of the tube, or used in combination with other mediums. There are no solvents, no propylene glycol, no alkyds, no ethene homopolymer, and no metal driers used in this gel.  These additional additives are not necessary because of the superior qualities of water washed walnut oil.  Water Washed Gel is fully compatible with Oil of Spike Lavender and Biobased Artist Thinner.  Simple ingredients – crafted to make a very unusual medium for painting! 

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1.25 oz (37 ml), 5 oz (148 ml)