Sun Thickened Walnut Oil


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Our Sun Thickened Walnut Oil is unique for its high quality application in oil painting – made without chemicals, air blowers, heaters, or lead sheets.  As a result, this oil is clearer and more stable than highly processed oils.  It has a viscosity of 2000+ mOa-s at 68 degrees F.  For comparison, honey has a viscosity between 2000-10,000 mPa-s at the same temperature.

Here are a few additional points about our Thickened Walnut Oil:

  • It speeds drying time.
  • It works well with all thinners, including Oil of Spike Lavender, Lavandin Grosso, Rosemary Oil, and Biobased Artist Thinner – as well as Water-Washed Walnut Oil.
  • It works well with Impasto Medium and Walnut Gel.
  • It enhances leveling.
  • It is significantly lighter in color than thickened linseed oil, and yellows far less.

Please note:  As with other specialty products we sell, this oil is created and processed by hand.  Especially with Sun Thickened Walnut Oil, it is important for us to send it to you shortly after we make it, rather than storing it for long periods of time.  Please allow 12-16 days for us to prepare and ship the oil.

For further reading, here is an article by Samuel Shelton on the use of Sun Thickened Walnut Oil in his painting Ark and Manna.

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