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Kyle Paxton’s Mediums

Kyle Paxton:  I am from Florida but currently live in New Zealand with my Kiwi wife. I love to use Art Treehouse paints and mediums. The primary mediums I use… are Canada Balsam, Oil of Spike Lavender, Oil of Rosemary, Walnut and Linseed oil. I use the Oil of Spike Lavender and Oil of Rosemary to thin my paints and make them more “wet” and runny. I love using this to create an under painting. It dries quick as well. I use the walnut oil and/or Linseed to create more fluid strokes and to leave the paint with a semi-gloss sheen. This is seen in my detail of the Jellyfish painting. One of my favorite mediums is Canada Balsam. It has incredible clarity and holds pigment very well. It’s incredibly durable as well. I love using this to create glazes. Since its so clear and glossy, its great for adding touches of color that I prefer to “pop”. Many times, I use all these mediums together to my preference. It’s fun to experiment with them. In place of cadmium red and yellow, I use Art Treehouse Red 254 and Hansa Yellow. I prefer Art Treehouse mediums and paints over any other oil mediums and paints for its natural and less toxic nature. Thanks for such an excellent and less toxic product.

Here are more examples of Kyle’s work…….