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Safa Qureshi sums up her art….Safa Qureshi


“My creativity seems to come from a place deep within me. I often feel like my eyes are only spectators of the whole experience, I watch in awe as my hand glides across the canvas and trust that I know what I’m doing. I am self-taught, but sometimes I wonder if something inside of me knew all along.”

As Safa describes her materials: “The ArtTreehouse makes especially wonderful paint that gives me a vivid color range without the drawbacks of synthetic fillers and nasty chemicals. I use their high quality pigments as well as handmade paints for my creations. Some of my recent favorites are Phthalo blue, Quinacridone Magenta, and Rubine red.”

“I decided to be an alchemist and mix up a new mixture of natural ingredients to improve the luminosity and slow dry time. I mixed Walnut oil, linseed oil, spike lavender, Canada balsam, and clove oil to make my own painting medium! Each ingredient adds its own special touch. For instance, the Canada balsam enhances the vibrancy of my colors while the clove oil extends my drying time. I absolutely love it and now I get the treat of painting with the aromatherapy of lovely lavender and Christmas trees! It’s a magical experience.”

Safa sells both her originals and prints, and integrates her philosophy of life with her creativity.  You can read and see more of here work at her web site

Safa Wildest Dreams