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Walnut Oil is an excellent oil for use in painting. It yellows less than linseed oil, but dries slower.  It’s history dates back to the Egyptians, and was commonly used during the Renaissance.  Walnut oil is the only oil used in painting that can be made by an individual at home without special tools, because you can just hammer the oil out of the walnuts.

The oil we sell is pure walnut oil, not an alkyd.  Alkyd modified walnut oil dries faster, but has a high gloss. Artists often say that linseed oil will not yellow excessively if the painting is left in room light. There is general agreement that walnut oil has much less of a yellowing problem.  However, walnut oil has often been much more expensive than linseed oil, and thus less often used. In the art world, there are fans of linseed oil, and fans of walnut oil, both who argue in favor of their choice.  The truth is they are both great oils, with long histories of usage, but different characteristics.

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