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Please note: Due to the batch process of making Water-Washed Walnut Oil, delivery can sometimes take up to 10 days.

Water-Washed Walnut Oil is very unusual.  Starting with a completely natural solvent-free oil that already has superior qualities, we filter the oil and cleanse the mucilage and particulates from it, washing it with water. The result is an oil with many benefits: the oil dries faster, works better with impasto techniques, has excellent Washed Walnut Oil Comparisoncolor depth, and is more viscous than un-processed oil. Because Water-Washed Walnut oil is thicker and dries faster, it is not generally recommended for use in grinding pigment.

The image on the right shows how Water-Washed Walnut oil is lighter in color than regular Walnut oil.  Perhaps more importantly, what the image cannot show is that Water Washed Walnut oil is oxidized in the washing process, so it is both more viscous and it dries faster.  This is important when painting lighter colors and whites, and also when using many modern pigments that are slower drying than traditional iron oxides.

Walnut oil, as commonly sold for food use, is darker with particle contaminants from the processed nuts.  In contrast, Water-Washed Walnut Oil is clearer than even walnut oil regularly sold for use in painting.

Throughout history artists have learned to “clean” the various oils.  When nuts and seeds are first pressed, the contaminants make the resulting oil unusable.  From at least the 16th century artists cleaned oil by putting it in horn-shaped glass containers with a single opening at the bottom. Water was added and the mixture was stirred. After the water settled, it was drained from the bottom and fresh water was added.  The process was repeated seven or eight times.  The painters referred to the resulting oil as “purified”. 

Walnut Oil has a reputation of being excellent for painting, but too expensive for common use.  The Water-Washed Walnut Oil we offer is affordable, yet superior, a high quality clear oil that works exceptionally well with all oil paints.  

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