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Samuel Shelton and the Ancient Colours

You may be familiar with Samuel Shelton’s work from a previous article on The Art Treehouse web site: The Making of a Painting. Recently, Samuel has started working with the Ancient Colours , and says he enjoys them greatly. Here is a recent painting of his, where he uses only the Ancient Colors plus the addition of ultramarine blue.

Samuel says, “I started the painting on a gray toned canvas and then went right into the color layer trying to nail it from the get go. Once dried, I did a bit of glazing and correcting and called it done. My normal process is to do a detailed monochromatic underpainting but this was a nice change of pace. Thank you again for the colors, I am really enjoying them.”

Samuel has a DVD available where he offers 3.5 hours of personal instruction on Alla Prima Portraiture in Oils. You can get it here: There is a short video introduction on the same page.

Samuel shelton DVD