We are now able to offer the first six colours of a new category of paints.  These Ancient Colours are made with pigments mined from all over the world – Italy, France, Cyprus, Brazil, India, etc.  The pigments have large particle sizes, and so they reflect light in a more scattered fashion.  They also feel different under the brush, and they are generally more transparent than other paints.  The paints are less saturated than those made with manufactured pigments, and therefore they have a more “grounded” feel to them.   Since they are made with walnut oil, they will yellow less over time. We do not use alkyds, stearates, waxes, cobalt, or cadmium in the paints, and there are no solvents of any kind in them. These are not factory paints – each tube is filled by hand, one at a time.  Ancient Colours made with ancient pigments.

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