Globally, many people are working to replace petrochemicals with biobased alternatives.  The art materials introduced in the coming years will be a small part of this larger revolution.  The use of biomass for food, biomaterials, bioenergy and biofuels is basic in a circular economy, where recycling and reusing products replaces the current petroleum-based approach where we are using more raw materials than the earth can sustainably deliver. We are depleting and polluting the planet, as we are decreasing the carrying capacity of Mother Earth.

For the use of biomass to be successful,  carbohydrates, proteins and fats which are useful for food, must be separated from the components that are valuable as a raw material for chemicals, energy and fuel. One example of this is the biodiesel used at the Olympic Games in London, The diesel fuel was made with sugars from food crops.  Another example is the Artist Thinner we are now selling, made from soy plant materials.  Part of the soy plant goes to food production, and part of it goes to make the thinner, which is far less toxic and more environmentally friendly than most of what is currently on the market. 

At some point in the near future, the idea of an artist using petrochemical-based materials in a painting will be totally obsolete!