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Our Quinacridone Magenta is made from pure PR-122 pigment in Walnut Oil.  This oil color is between red and violet, deep and rich.  The quinacridones are highly regarded for their permanence, transparency and unsurpassed beauty in the violet-red range.  Magenta is the color you see when the theatre-stage-footlight reds and blues are both turned on full. It is also said to make the best of all pinks when used in a mixture with white.

Some artists use Quinacridone Magenta mixed with a green such as Phthalo Green to make a dark neutral color. This can be quite useful for shadows that remain vibrant. Also, those who experiment with three color blending find that Quinacridone Magenta, Pthalocyanine Blue, and Hansa Yellow Light mix about the greatest range of colors that can be obtained from just three artists’ paints.

PR-122 is sometimes called a “High Performance” pigment, because it is both light-fast and weather resistant.  Some magenta shades of quinacridone are labeled under the proprietary name “Thio Violet” and “Acra Violet”.  Intense, high tinting strength, truely a professional pigment, for those who wish their work to be archivable. CI:Pr122

ASTM I – Excellent