Tamal Blue is unlike any other colour we sell.  Many of our colours are made with a single pigment in oil, allowing the artist to combine colours as needed on the canvas.  A Tamal Blue hue could be made on the palette by adding a small amount of Phthalo Green to Phthalo Blue and white, but it would be challenging and time consuming.  This is because Tamal Blue is a medium blue that has a much higher level of transparency than either Phthalo Blue or Ultramarine Blue.   It can be used for painting sky on a clear day, or painting misty mountains, and it does great for making wonderful unique greens by combining with Hansa Yellow.  Our formula avoids waxes and alkyd or cobalt driers, instead relying on the same basic ingredients used for Treehouse White – in different proportions.

Tamal Blue is the result of a request made by an artist now living in Marin County, north of San Francisco near Mt. Tamalpais – thus the name.  High levels of ocean humidity around the Bay Area result in a bright misty-sky effect that can be seen around Mt. Tamalpais – a favorite subject of the artist’s Plein Air painting group.  Many thanks to our friends in California!

CI:Pb15-3, Pg-7

ASTM I – Excellent