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Chrome Green is a great colour for use in forest and nature scenes – it is sometimes called Leaf Green.  It is very close to Viridian – without the toxicity.  Some older and less expensive versions of Chrome Green were occasionally contaminated, and therefore not recommended for artists.  However, the version of Chrome Green pigment we use is highly refined and tested.  It is even F.D.A. approved for use in containers that hold food, although we don’t sell it for that.  Another interesting quality of Chrome Green is that it is an oxide pigment. Since oil paint dries by oxidation, Chrome Green has a very good drying time.  For users in Europe, our Chrome Green pigment qualifies for safe use under Resolution AP (89)1 and 2002/72 EG.  CI:PG-17

Chrome green was inspired by Safa Qureshi who needed a non toxic replacement for viridian green for her art school. She was gifted the very first tube of chrome with her usual paint supply order. Boom! Chrome green made it’s arrival in our collection!


ASTM I – Excellent