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Phthalo Green is also called Heliogen Green, Monastral Green, and Monestial Green. It has extremely high tinting strength, is transparent but covers well. Phthalo Green is sometimes used as a replacement for Veridian, because it is less expensive and more saturated. Although it is transparent, when applied thickly it can be very dark.  It has a slightly bluish tint, and is not considered toxic. Phthalo Green comes close to Verdigris in hue, but Verdigris is highly toxic, and no longer widely used. In student painting kits, Phthalo Green is usually mixed with extenders and given the name Dark Green.  It is such a strong pigment, it holds up well with the extenders.  This color is part of a family of blues and greens discovered in the 1930s.  (Check out Paul Martin’s extensive research on tinting strength.) Supposedly, the Phthalo colors are now the most widely used of all color pigments worldwide. CI:Pg7

ASTM I – Excellent