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This is the light version of our naples Yellow. Naples Yellow without the lead!  Traditionally, the toxic version of Naples Yellow was made with lead antimoniate, and was said to have been found on ceramics in the ruins of Babylon and Persia as far back as 500 B.C.  Rubins evidently used it in mixtures for highlights. Lead-based Naples Yellow fell out of fashion and was replaced by a mixture of cadmium yellow and white lead.  Of course this was toxic as well.  The Naples Yellow we now offer is made with PW6, Pr101, and Py74.  It is not toxic, and does not require special labeling. It is sometimes called Jaune Brillant, is opaque and permanent – a somewhat pale yellow color useful for lightening without white. Overall, an extremely versatile, multipurpose paint!

ASTM I – Excellent