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Barite is a common additive for increasing the weight and managing the consistency of paint.  It is close to transparent in oil paints, but is also considered a standard white pigment.  Historically Barite has been the primary ingredient in paints with the name “Permanent White”.  Our Barite is mineral-based, not synthetic.  Extracted from ground limestone, it is extremely stable, lightfast, and durable over time.

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1) Barite is found in sediments and sedimentary rocks. It is especially common in limestone and dolostone, so it is easiest and least expensive to mine it there. Limestone also contains aragonite, calcite, magnesium, etc.

2) The Art Treehouse Barite is 98% barium sulfate with trace amounts of Iron Oxide, water soluble salts and Silicon Dioxide.

3) The particle size of the Art Treehouse Barite is 1.6 µm (It can produce a rating of 7.0 on the Hegman Grind sale.)

4) The specific gravity is 4.4 – which is what you want in a good Barite made for painting.

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