Art Business


If you have a page promoting your art on facebook, you probably know facebook will promote it for you, if you pay them.  They will even have a consultant work with you if you can guarantee them $1500 in monthly fees.  Otherwise, facebook limits the number of friends who can see your postings. Maybe you have joined one of the artist groups and entered the juried exhibitions, where you are one among thousands.  But there is an unusual group of artists who are using a new approach.  A fellow named Bill Richards came up with the idea.  Basically, these artists all agree to support each other, rather than compete with each other.  That means when one of them posts on facebook, the others like and share the post.  There is also a website where some of them feature their art for sale.  They pay a fee to cover the expenses, but 100% of the sales profit goes to the artist. 

Here is a comment from one of Bill’s facebook posts: “If our members are close to getting a certain amount of likes, this Society has and will continue to market, promote, and display their page with every group, and page that can be found in order for THEM To get their goal. In fact this society is all about the artists..helping them achieve their goals.”

Bill’s facebook page is here:

And the web site is here:

Whether or not you join them, they still have some great ideas worth knowing about — artists working together to promote each each other, rather than competing with each other.  Either way, stop by their page and say “hello”!