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This rinse and conditioner is a non-drying oil that can be used to clean and preserve brushes.  Some people use walnut oil for this purpose, but of course walnut oil will eventually dry if left on the brush. Thinners also work for cleaning brushes, but they are not conditioners. Fractionated Coconut Brush Oil can be used as a rinse before washing brushes in soap and water – and a drop of it can be added after the brushes are washed.  When you are ready to paint again, just rinse your brush once in the regular medium or thinner to minimize any remaining conditioner.

This oil is a form of coconut oil with the solids removed, and the liquid is so thin it can be used in a pump sprayer. The oil separation process is non-chemical and involves a simple physical technique, so there are no chemical residues to worry about.

In summary, Coconut Brush Oil…

1. Remains liquid at low temperatures.

2. Has very low oxidation so it has an exceptional shelf life.

3. Washes out of clothing easily with no staining.

5. Will pass through a pump sprayer.

6. Washes out of brushes easily with soap.

7. Is colorless and odorless.


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