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Artist’s Castille Brush Soap is made from organic sunflower oil and coconut oil, with a small amount of rosemary oil.  These oils are non-drying, and so will not gum up your brush over time!  There are no colorizing pigments or titanium dioxide added for marketing purposes – the clear yellow comes from the natural color of the oils. It is common for painters to clean their brushes for the short term by rinsing in walnut oil, safflower oil, or Biobased Artist Solvent.  However, if brushes are to be stored for longer periods of time, cleaning with soap may be desirable.  This soap has great foaming action that helps to remove pigments around the ferrule, and since it is in liquid form it is less likely to leave waxes or solids after cleaning, in contrast to cake soaps.

Some soaps sold for public usage have added preservatives, stablizers, bactericides or other ingredients that promote foaming.  Many of these ingredients are not plant derived, but are based on synthetic chemicals. Artist’s Castille Brush Soap avoids using added stabilizers, but still has a shelf life of at least a year. For artists who have expensive brushes that must last as long as possible, this is the best investment they can make!