Mined from the ground in Brazil, Brazilian Violet is a natural red hematite – one of the oldest mineral pigments used throughout history.  All hematite pigments contain sedimentary iron deposits with iron and magnetite as well as other minerals. However this particular hematite pigment is over 97% pure iron oxide. Brazilian Violet is extremely durable – lightfast, chemical and weather resistant.  It has, after all, survived for millions of years.

As with all of The Art Treehouse Ancient Colours, the pigment particles in Brazilian Violet are larger than normally found in contemporary paints.  The larger particle size reflects light in an unusual way, and the surface has a different texture than found with the smoother-surfaced “modern” paints.  The flow of the paint under the brush is smooth, but without excessive leveling. As a standalone colour, Brazilian Violet has a dark natural red hue.  However, when used on a palette of other naturally mined colors it reveals a violet appearance that greatly enhances the colour spectrum.  As with all Art Treehouse Colours, Brazilian Violet is made with Walnut oil to bring out the richness of tone without yellowing over time.

CI: Pr 102