Red Iron Hematite has the Color Index Pr 102, which means it is a natural red iron oxide mined from the ground.  In iron oxide pigments the iron content will vary according to the mix with other elements such as magnesium, clay, silica and so forth – that means there are many names and shades for this pigment, for example Venice Red, English Red, Red Earth, Sienna, Sinopia, etc. This particular Red Iron Hematite, comes from the natural earth mines in India, and was chosen because of they way it integrates with other Art Treehouse Ancient Colors.  The iron content is a minimum of 70%, it is highly lightfast, it has a mean particle size of 1.8 microns, and it has a mean particle size of 2.0μ and a maximum particle size of 44μ. Red Iron Hematite is made with walnut oil, to preserve the color and minimize yellowing.

CI: Pr 102