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Alexander Koleszar just finished a stunning exhibition called “Chiaroscuro of the Butterfly” at the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs. You can see some examples of his work HERE. The colors in his paintings really glow, in part due to his use of Oil of Spike Lavender! Alex says, “I have been using Oil of Spike Lavender for about 18 years now.  It seems to be a great adjunct to Archival medium, and on its own as well.”

Alex is a classically trained oil painter who has exhibited through the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is featured on the cover of In Los Angeles magazine, and has participated in the Biennale in Florence, Italy. In 2012, Koleszar had an outstanding solo exhibition at Archangel Art Gallery, in Palm Springs, California – with a highly successful follow-up solo exhibition in April, 2015. His work is also available through the Woodman-Shimpko Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Alex’s passion is not only art, but also the natural sciences and politics. Political themes of social significance can be seen in his paintings HERE and HERE. He carefully explores his world and ideas expressing them in beautiful, thought provoking, controversial and meaningful works of art.

“Oil of Spike Lavender is something I use ALL of the time.  It works perfectly as an initial medium, and then I add a bit of it to archival medium as I am finishing layers.  Not to mention it has a great smell!”