This is clearly the best Tube-Wringer available anywhere! Painters across the world use the American-made Gill Mechanical Tube-Wringer to squeeze every last drop out of their oil Tube-Wringer with tubepaints. From America to Australia, this tool helps artists save money on tubes of expensive oils, allowing them to get every last drop.

This is a heavy-duty product, made from 100% recycled materials. It is made in Oregon!

How To Use a Tube-Wringer

Tube-Wringers are simple to use and very effective. The process is simple. Just place a tube between the rollers. Then close the grips and turn the handle, allowing the tube to move between the rollers. The Tube-Wringer’s crimping mechanism will push the product inside any tube up to the top of the tube.

While the process is simple, there are a few common-sense things to keep in mind.

1. If the top of the tube is off, be sure to keep the opening over your palette or another surface from which you intend to paint. You are pushing your paint up to the top of the tube, so some may come out if the top is not on securely.

2. If the top of the tube is on, be sure to stop using the Tube-Wringer once the top section of your tube feels firm and full of paint.

3. When removing the top of your paint tube, ensure it is positioned over your palette or another surface. Occasionally the pressure placed on the tube will push a small portion of the paint out once the top is unsealed.