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This hue works exceptionally well with earth colours, being part of the Earth Quintet.  The pigment has a high specific gravity (4.9 g/cc), a small particle size (0.40 μ) and a high iron content (97+ %).  This means the colour will dry fast, and will have an intense, rich, deep staining capacity.  A small mount will go a long way!

The term “Venice Red” refers generally to an iron oxide that has been used used throughout history because it is basically rust.  The names Sanguine, English Red, Brick Red, Turkey Red, Red Violet, Pompeiian Red, and 100 other reds all refer to the same pigment. At one point the pigment was mined, as its name suggests, at a quarry near Venice.  CI:Pr101

Made with Walnut oil.

ASTM I – Excellent