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Treehouse White, made with walnut oil, is formulated in response to common problems that artist whites have. Lead white is highly toxic, and Zinc White will cause de-lamination. Titanium White is the most common pigment used today for artist paints.  However, many artists feel it is excessively bright or blueish compared with other pigments, and it also does not flow well under the brush.  There are actually several grades of titanium white, and we have chosen a new grade that has greater durability, less chalking, greater warmth and balanced opacity.  In addition, we have included the following…

1) Purified Calcium Carbonate – basically marble dust,  used for millennia in art.  Smoothes the brush stroke and helps balance opacity. A favorite of Rembrandt & Velasquez.  Our calcium carbonate is not gritty under the palette knife.

2) Permanent White (Blanc Fixe) commonly used in artist paints for color stability and balance of consistency.  A recent study showed that white paints using Permanent White yellow less over time.

3) Colloidal Silica – most commonly found in nature as quartz. It prevents paints from dripping and running down vertical surfaces. This is a property known in the trade as “thixotropy”. Thixotropy is reversible. It means that paints and coatings have high viscosity before they are applied. If they are stirred, they become thinner, making them easier to apply. But as soon as they have been applied, they regain their original consistency. That prevents them from dripping.

Here is a side-by-side comparison between the most common titanium white and the grade we use in Treehouse White…

Common Titanium WhiteTreehouse Titanium White
Tinting Tone (blue)106
Tinting Strength86
Masstone (blue)108

ASTM I – Excellent

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