The New Oil Painting




Frequent visitors to The Art Treehouse are already familiar with the work of Kimberly Brooks.  Since the early days when she was the Arts Editor at Huffington Post, Kimberly has been actively and publicly committed to researching and promoting safer and more sustainable ways of painting with oils.  In this book, Kimberly addresses all the foundations, without resorting to the all-too-common approach of emphasizing chemistry and historical esoterics over artistic expression for a working painter.  She explores materials and supplies from various manufacturers (not just The Art Treehouse) and expresses her conclusions based on years of trial and error.

Here are a few of the “Materials” topics Kimberly covers…..
1) Your Space
2) Mediums
3) Solvents
4) Surfaces
5) Non-Art Store supplies

In the area of “Best Practices”, she covers:
1) Color Mixing Golden Rules
2) Light over Dark, Fat over Lean
3) Studies & Maquettes
4) Cleaning Brushes
5) Framing & Painting the Sides

This is not a book for those who are looking for details about arcane painting materials and techniques of the “Old Masters”, rather it is a direct “what you need to know — “your essential guide” — to painting right now, without using harmful solvents and environmentally hazardous materials.