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This is an extremely useful oil for artists who need to extend their working time on a single painting.  ALLA PRIMA painters and PORTRAIT painters may wish to balance the drying rate of certain pigments such as the umbers and siennas.  Oil of Clove is a great solution.  Some painters put a drop or two on a sponge, cotton ball, or q-tip near their paints. Cover the paints when not in use, and they will stay fresh. A tray with a plastic cover will work fine. A single color can be extended by rubbing a bit of Oil of Clove around the inside of a jar, and inverting the jar over that one color. This saves money and time!  You do not have to lay out a new palette every day!

It is possible to have a longer drying time by using such oils as safflower or poppyseed as the grinding oil.  However, for artists who prefer to stay with traditional linseed or walnut oils as their medium, using clove oil to slow the drying rate is ideal. Sometimes Oil of Clove has been recommended by art instructors for students whose work must not dry too soon, because the students are learning the painting process over a period of several weeks.

The Art Treehouse Oil of Clove is pure and fresh, from Indonesia.  Please read our SDS – the Oil is far less toxic than petroleum distillates. Just keep in mind that a small amount of Oil of Clove goes a very long way.  A single drop placed near one inch of tube paint will extend the drying time up to two weeks!

For CANADA, ship Fedex Ground only.  This oil is only available in the continental US and Canada, because it must be shipped ground. 





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