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LINSEED-FLAX OIL is by far the most widely-used oil for painting, commonly used in the grinding of most pigments for making paint, and in medium mixes.  Our organic COLD-PRESSED LINSEED-FLAX Oil is often used by artists who wish to use it for their own water washing. Some say Linseed-Flax oil is like fine wine, better if aged for a couple of years.  A thin layer normally dries in three to four days, but drying time is influenced by the pigment.  Linseed-Flax oil has a smooth even surface, again dependent on the pigment.  It is important to remember Linseed-Flax soaked rags can combust spontaneously.  Folklore tells of farmers who “oiled the barn” and then lost the barn because they piled rags nearby and the rags ignited.  It is generally recommended that painters place any used rags in a closed container filled with water.  Only “aged” Linseed-Flax Oil has the “romantic artist” smell people identify with painting.

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