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Burnt Umber is a brown iron oxide pigment that also contains manganese oxide.  It dries extremely fast, and thererfore is quite useful for underpaintings, especially when mixed with Oil of Spike Lavender. Umbria is a mountainous region in central Italy where the pigment was originally mined. This pigment dates back to the cave dwellings, and is part of the earth quartet of basic artist colors.  Interestingly, this is one of the colors that Impressionists rejected in favor of newer and brighter synthetics.  Vermeer, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt used it all the time.  It was the basic color during the age of chiaroscuro. 

In recent times, Burnt Umber, as well as the rest of the earth colors have found renewed interest from artists.  Both the traditional earth colours and the more recent and brighter colours find there way to the creative palette.  Since Burnt Umber is made by heating raw umber, the paint maker must be careful to not overheat paints during the paintmakintg process. The Art Treehouse Burnt Umber is made over a period of days, with the pigment-oil mixture checked for absorption and rheology.  The individual tubes are then packed by hand.  CI:Pbr7

ASTM I – Excellent

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