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The Artist Mouthpiece is for artists who paint by holding a brush in their mouth. A regular artist’s brush can be inserted into the open end of the mouthpiece, and will be gripped at the back end.  The flat shape of the back part of the mouthpiece helps to stabilize flat brushes so they are less likely to rotate. Different brushes can be exchanged while keeping the same mouthpiece.  The Artist Mouthpiece now comes in three sizes: 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ inner diameter.  In most cases, the 1/4″ inner diameter mouthpiece will work fine.   However, the 5/16″ inner diameter mouthpiece may be better for brushes larger than size 6, depending on the thickness of the brush handle. The 3/8″ inner diameter is best for brushes size 10 and larger.

An example of how the brush fits into the mouthpiece:

FDA approved clear vinyl. (brush not included)

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size 1/4", size 5/16", size 3/8"