Rubine RedThese are our finest oil colours, hand crafted with walnut oil! Each tube is an individual creation, not factory made — hand made, hand tubed, and hand labeled. The tube size is 37 ml (1.25 oz). Unlike several other high-end paint makers, we avoid tubes and paints that have LEAD in them! We also do not use alkyds, cobalt, or cadmium in the paints, and there are no solvents of any kind in them. These are Artist Grade paints, with high concentrations of pigment. Although walnut oil dries somewhat slower than linseed oil, it does not yellow over time. Vibrant colors are extremely important, and that’s why we make all of our paints with walnut oil. The use of walnut oil dates back at least to the mid-1400s — in paintings that are still admired by museum visitors in the twenty-first century!

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